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We have Boxer dogs and are avid volunteers of rescue for this breed.  Our Boxers are our kids and our family. We have always loved candles but worry about the safety around our dogs.  Having dogs in our home we really like the idea of having a nice scent fill each of the rooms.  With Scentsy you can choose from many different scents depending upon your mood.  There is no wick, no flame and no soot.  You can feel comfortable in using the Scentsy warmers instead of candles.  They are safer, healthier and there are so many beautiful styles to fit any decor.  They are safe around pets and children.    -Jennifer’s Story -
I was introduced to Scentsy by a friend who had adopted one of our rescue boxers. She originally signed on to be a Scentsy Consultant because she fell in love with the great products.  I thought that it would be an ideal way to earn some extra cash for our rescue.  The first three months were amazing.  We made some really good money for the rescue and with my earnings I was able to help some dogs that needed medical assistance.  Like most people, both Matt and I want a healthy “work life balance”.  We want to be able to spend more time with each other and with our family, instead of working long and intense work hours, travelling for work and being away from home most times.  I’m sure our story is no different than yours.  We were both busy professionals struggling in a very expensive city to get ahead.  We were trying to balance the demands of work, family, and life.  Feeling too often unfulfilled and conflicted with the demands of jobs that were more necessities than passions. I often questioned "Is this really all there is???" I wondered whether it could get better and how? Knowing that having to work more to increase the standard of our life would come at a cost – less time with our family, and less time doing the things that bring us happiness. It was a depressing struggle that left us with wanting more and frustrated.   I had a couple of friends at the time tell me that Scentsy was a "scam".  I would never make any money and that I would have to be my own "best customer" and spend a lot of money myself.  They told me that I wouldn't be able to get far and I didn't have the "sales" gene in me to succeed.   I was worried about that and without the support of these friends I decided to jump in and give it a shot anyhow! After all what could I lose??? About 4 months after I signed up for Scentsy, our lives changed.  Matt’s client sold their company to a firm overseas and Matt lost his contract.  Although it was devastating, and shocking, we took it as a sign to turn things around and to make a huge impact in our lives.  We quickly realized that we already had this amazing business, set in place for us.  And it was apparent that with Scentsy there is so much opportunity.  Scentsy became a second income in a time of need for our family and our Scentsy team became a huge support group for us.  They became our Scentsy family.  Those people who doubted the opportunity could not have been more wrong.  They were wrong about Scentsy and wrong about me.   I have never looked back since joining. For me, the greatest thing about being a Scentsy Family Consultant is, not the extra income, the free trips, the rewards and incentives; but truly the greatest thing is the people that I have met along my Scentsy journey.  From my customers to my Scentsy Family I feel so blessed to have this great group of people in my life.  Some of my customers have joined my Scentsy Family which made it even better as they have been sharing in the journey with us! I’ve been able to help many people achieve success and meet their goals, while meeting my own goals.  It’s been a very rewarding experience for me. I’ve never thought myself to be a “salesperson” and to be honest the whole selling in home parties scared the crap out of me.  But since I’ve fallen in love with Scentsy I’ve had nothing but fun!  I enjoy meeting so many wonderful people and I love having my own business! I love working hard for myself and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Selling Scentsy has definitely been rewarding in so many ways that I could not have even imagined.  It has filled a gap in my life that was missing.  I love my job and wish that I could share it with everyone I meet.  I am more fulfilled and happier than I’ve ever been.  I want to scream at the top of my lungs to everyone about my discovery!    -Matt’s Story-
I started off as a loyal, supportive Scentsy Husband. I just wanted to watch my wife live Scentsy and enjoy her “hobby” and help out a little here and there. I hadn’t gone to any parties or events and just wanted be in the background to what she loved doing. Then the first warmer arrived and some scents. I immediately saw some potential in what was happening and being shown. As each new warmer arrived and each new scent was delivered, I became more and more hooked on Scentsy. I attended my first Scentsy function at Spring Sprint in 2013 and started to really see what Scentsy was about, but this was just a small sample to the Scentsy Family Reunion in Indianapolis in July 2013. That was the eye opener. I saw lawyers walk away from Law Firms, Mothers who overcame life events that would break most people, and the bond of a “family” that I have not seen in most today. I use the word "Family" as that is what Scentsy has become, you could feel it with the over 8000 people in Lucas Oil stadium during every day of the convention.   People were full of joy, companionship and energy it was infectious. We as individuals are always looking in our lives for that true happiness, that joy and fellowship that can elude most forever. I felt that Scentsy was that during that convention. I came back from the family reunion in Indy closer to my wife and closer to a dream. One that was full of happiness. I believe Scentsy is a big part of that and will be a big part of our lives for many many years. I can Scents it.    !!! JOIN US !!! So many people love Scentsy!  We are excited about Scentsy and look forward to sharing it with you and introducing you to a "Scentsified" world.  Maybe you too would allow Scentsy to change your life? Or you know someone who could benefit from Scentsy? Our story is just beginning.  We welcome you to share in our story and our journey with us.   But before you jump on board - we would love to get to know you!!  Contact us and let's chat.  We think its very important that you get to know your Sponsor and who your working with before you join.  Let's get to know each other first and find out why we will be the Sponsor to help you succeed!   Whether you are looking to BUY your Scentsy products, HOST your very own Scentsy party or JOIN our fabulous team, we will help you every step of the way!  We offer great incentives for party hosts and referrals for recruits.  So please contact us today for more information!    Scentsy is so much more than just a party light!  Contact us to start your Scentsy experience today!    Look forward to chatting to you soon!      Jennifer + Matt Kaiser - Directors     *BUY* HOST*JOIN* Scents in the City  on Facebook!  Follow me on Twitter @jenleekaiser Visit my blog - Stumbling on My Path    

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